Point of Sale

- Innovative Order Screen can customize, Menu Category, Item and Photos

- Allow Discount option and promotion

- Real-Time Sold items Report

- Works with standard or wireless POS

- receipt Printer Business

Channel Manager

- Pooled Allotment to avoid over-bookings
- Real-time Synchronization with worldwide OTA
- Retrieve Booking instantly from OTAs
- Save Time & Reduce hotel staff cost

Online Booking

- Support Sales Promotions such as Early Bird, Last minutes, Bonus Nights, etc.
- Real-time Bookings delivery to centralize Room, Inventory Control
- PayPal Payment gateway or Interface with local banks (optional)
- Customer can booking direct to hotel website

Front Office System

- Check Real-time Booking status
- Check Real-time Room Condition status
- Room, Rate & Channel Control
- Hotel Manager Report